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Public Spaces

The Muskingum County Library System is pleased to offer meeting spaces to support and connect the communities we serve. Please read our POLICY FOR USE OF MEETING ROOMS & AUDITORIUM before filling out the application. To check meeting room availability or ask additional questions please call, 740.453.0391 x126

Application For Use of Meeting Rooms ~ Auditorium Form

We have meeting spaces available at the following four locations:

John McIntire Library
John McIntire Library
Dresden Branch
Dresden Branch
New Concord Branch
New Concord Branch
Dresden Branch
Duncan Falls/Philo Branch


Meeting Rooms or the Auditorium are available for public gatherings to groups whose primary purpose is civic, cultural or educational and may be scheduled during normal hours of operation when the Library is open to the public and end 15 minutes before closing time. Meeting rooms may be scheduled for ½ hour prior to the meeting for set-up but not before 8:00a.m.

Meeting Rooms or the Auditorium will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis. The group using the meeting room is responsible for any damage to Library property. Signature on the application indicates that the individual has read, understands, and agrees to abide by the policies of the Muskingum County Library System.

Prospective reservations may be made up to three (3) months in advance. Meeting room use may be limited based on availability or prior use.

The Library reserves the right to deny use of the meeting rooms. Meeting Rooms or the Auditorium are not available for partisan political activities or groups that have unlawful discriminatory membership requirements.

The Library retains the right to cancel a reservation for a meeting room. If cancellation is necessary, the Library will notify the group who has reserved the room for the time in question in advance of their reserved time period. Groups holding reservations are requested to notify the Library of any cancellation at the earliest possible date in order to free the meeting room for other groups. The Board of Trustees may change rules as experience dictates the need.

Groups wishing to reserve a Meeting Room or the Auditorium should submit a completed Application For Use of Meeting Rooms ~ Auditorium Form to the Muskingum County Library System, Office Assistant, 220 North Fifth Street, Zanesville, OH 43701. Forms are available at any MCLS location and online and may be submitted electronically or by mail. Meeting Rooms or the Auditorium will not be booked for any group until a completed application has been received and approved by the Library. Individuals using a Meeting Room or the Auditorium will be required to complete and submit an application requesting space each time a reservation is requested. Meeting Rooms or the Auditorium will not be considered reserved for a group until the group reserving space receives a copy of the application form signed by the Executive Director or designee.

Groups wishing to reserve a Meeting Room or the Auditorium may not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, national origin, religious belief or handicap, against any person requesting admission to the meeting. If, on the advice of law enforcement professionals, the Library staff or Board determines that a reasonable possibility of threat to the safety of Library staff, patrons or members of the public might occur, based upon prior experience of the group or speaker at this Library or at other occasions where the group has held a meeting which has been disruptive or had a potential for violence, the following shall be required: the individual or group reserving the room shall be required to pay in advance by cashier’s check the reasonably estimated cost of any special security measures needed to be taken for the meeting; and the individual or group reserving the meeting room shall place a bond for $1,000,000.00 for injury or damage to property occurring at the meeting.

Smoking, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, open flames, burning incense, and lit candles are not allowed. The Library does not allow any variety of gambling, gaming, bingo, casinos or wagering of any kind on Library property.

Admission fees or charges may be permitted and the meeting may be limited by invitation only.

Reservation is for the meeting space, tables and chairs requested only. Requests for Audio-Visual Equipment must be included on the application.

Meeting Rooms or the Auditorium must be left in the same condition and arrangement as prior to use of room.

The use of Library facilities for religious services or recruitment will not be permitted during regular business hours. However, committees or associations affiliated with church for business transactions when no religious services or enrollment programs are involved will be allowed.

Use of the Library premises does not include use of Library staff to assist in the set-up or breakdown of non-library equipment.

People using a Meeting Room or the Auditorium at the John McIntire Library are asked to use the north parking lot and entrance (nearest I-70) and are requested to advise program or meeting participants to do the same.

An adult leader must be present at all times to supervise groups of young people.

The use of a Meeting Room or the Auditorium by a non-library group SHALL NOT be publicized in such a way as to imply that the Library is the official address or headquarters of an organization or that the Library sponsors or supports the group’s activities.

Library activities (including programs, meetings, literacy tutoring, etc.) have priority over all other activities.

Programs “co-sponsored” by the Library are next in priority. “Co-sponsored” means that the Library participates with community groups in planning and presenting programs of an educational and cultural nature. Co-sponsorship requests will be handled by the Library Marketing & Community Relations Office that will confirm room availability. Programs must be cultural, educational or informational in nature. Final authority for determining co-sponsorship lies with the Executive Director.

Community groups wishing to have the Library co-sponsor a program must apply to the Library at least four weeks in advance of the proposed program in order to insure adequate planning and preparation. Applications may be submitted to the Marketing & Community Relations Office at the John McIntire Library.

No signs, posters, etc. are to be posted on the walls or doors of the Library.


Not-for-Profit: No Charge
For Profit & Social Functions: $30.00 per hour

Not-for-Profit: No Charge
For Profit & Social Functions: $75.00 per hour

The fee which is payable to the MUSKINGUM COUNTY LIBRARY SYSTEM must be received 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. A 50% deposit may be required. All fees are payable before the meeting between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays.

The library is not available to take/or deliver messages or provide additional set-ups or equipment. (Most cell phones do not work on the library’s lower level).

An Approved Application for Use of a Meeting Room or the Auditorium includes:

– Room with heating, cooling, lighting and (1) set-up as indicated on the application
– Normal janitorial and clean-up services
– Restrooms and parking in the north parking lot
– VCR Player, DVD Player, Podium, Microphone, LCD Projector & Screen, and/or Portable Screen if needed

Customers utilizing library audio-visual equipment are responsible for any damaged or missing items as determined by the library. The library is not responsible for any damage or theft to customer’s personal equipment.

Approved by MCLS Board of Trustees 01/19/17
Revision Approved by MCLS Board of Trustees 04/19/18