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Loan periods & fees

Application for a digital access library card with the Muskingum County Library System may be completed online for remote digital access and computer use within the library.

Application for an all access library card with the Muskingum County Library System may be completed in person at all six public libraries in the system. A parent or guardian must sign for customers 13 years of age or younger. The signature of a parent or guardian is required for customers under 18 years of age who wish to borrow videos with their library card. The signature of a parent or guardian affirms that they accept responsibility for all fines, damages, and/or loss of borrowed materials on this card. Library card applicants need to show a current valid photo ID to obtain a library card. If the applicant does not have a photo ID, proof of address is required. Students may opt to obtain a student library card, which does not require parental signature or form of ID. Please refer to the student library card policy for borrowing information. Replacement cards for lost or stolen library cards are available for $1.00 each. Please inform the library of a change of address and report a lost or stolen library card immediately.

Your library card must be presented in order to borrow library materials. If you have forgotten your card, selections can be held for 48 hours. (If a borrower does not have his/her library card with them, staff may accept a valid Ohio Driver’s license or other photo I.D. or piece of mail/invoice with the borrower’s current address as proof of being a MCLS cardholder. Staff is to check the I.D. against the registration on file to verify the cardholder.)

MCLS cardholders may borrow a cumulated total of one hundred (100) items at any one time. Within that total there is a limit of twenty-five (25) videos, twenty-five (25) compact discs, and five (5) Playaway Views or video games per borrower.

Cardholders may have up to twenty-five HOLDS on their library card at any time.

The library is not responsible for damages that may occur to customer’s equipment in the use of borrowed library audio visual materials.

Return of Borrowed Materials
All library materials may be returned to any library in the Muskingum County Library System. Book drops are provided as a convenience to customers when the libraries are closed.

Library materials not on “Hold” for other customers may be renewed up to five times with the following guidelines. Customers may renew audio-visual materials for seven days and all other library materials for two weeks, with the exception of Quick Picks which are not renewable. Renewable library materials may be renewed in person, by telephone, or online and there is a limit of one hundred (100) renewed materials per library card at any given time.

Charges for overdue materials are $.10 per item per day, except videos, video games, Kindles, iPads, and Playaway Views which are .50 per day. If borrowed library materials are lost or destroyed, the library card holder can remit the cost of the lost or damaged item or have the opportunity to provide a replacement copy deemed as an equivalent copy by library staff responsible for collection development. Card holders are responsible for any additional fines or fees for the lost or damaged item. If a customer’s unpaid fines reach $10.00 the customer’s library card will be blocked and the customer will be unable to check out materials until the fines are below $10.00. If a customer’s fines reach $50.00 the customer’s account will be turned over to a materials collection agency

Loan Period
The standard loan period is 28 days for all circulating materials excluding these exceptions:

7 Days
• Fiction Videos

14 Days
• Non-Fiction Videos
• Magazines
• New Adult Fiction
• Quick Picks
• Kindles & iPads
• Compact Discs/CD ROMs
• Video Games
• Playaway Views
• Puzzles & Games
• Sprout Backpacks

Equipment Loans
Audio-Visual equipment (slide projectors, LCD projectors, and screens) may be borrowed for a period of four (4) days. Under special circumstances, the loan may be extended not to exceed seven (7) days. A nonrefundable fee of $10.00 per piece of equipment per loan period will be charged at the time of the loan. Extra carousels for the slide projectors may be borrowed for a non-refundable fee of $5.00. Overdue fines for borrowed equipment are assessed at $1.00 per day per piece of equipment. Equipment condition is checked and recorded prior to and following each loan. Borrowers are responsible for equipment damage.