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tech help

We offer individual technology help sessions for free at the library. All our services and content are free of charge and open to all. Please feel free to ask for assistance if you have a technology question that is not directly mentioned below.


How to contact us:
  • Call 740-453-0391 ext. 150
  • email


We can help with:
  • Accessing our Digital Downloads
  • Database use
  • Learning how to use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other mobile technology devices
  • Setting up new mobile devices
  • Help with basic computer skills (setting up email, how to browse the internet)
  • Navigating social media
  • Answering general questions about new technology use
  • Introductory coding skills (Java)
  • Discovering a variety of new technologies (virtual reality with Google Cardboard, flying drones, AI & more)


What we offer:
  • One-on-one technology help sessions
  • Small group training sessions
  • Presentations on Digital Download services from MCLS for any size group (classrooms, organizations, businesses)